cgstudiomap: side effects

clients are coming...

CG Studio Map, Jordi Riera

Clients are coming...

And we were not prepared

From this point, cgstudiomap was rolling. Studios were added by users and we could focus on working on validations and updates of our data. We didn't have to try studios, the community was adding them for now. So we started to think about the next steps.


Our willing was to make something for the industry, not only for studios. We wanted to list employees, schools, teachers, events, resellers and more. Professionals were starving for a statistics center. Who is hiring the most between VFX or Video Games? What are the trending places for the industry? What softwares are the most used by mid-sized companies?

These questions were not really easily answered with the contemporary tools. In addition, we were approached by the Gobelins (1)  and The Foundry (2) with the same willing to use on the map.

It is required to have the full scope of actors to build this tool.

2013 was mostly about building prototypes and projects. We quickly faced that each actors had particular needs and demanded specific tools to answer them. We then started to work on specifications of cgschoolmap, the map of schools. Schools were picked as the concept seemed really close to what we already had and we were already attracting potential clients. How wrong we were!

Indeed, there is a lot of differences between the two types of company. Agreed they both are described by adresses, name, and such. However, schools “recruit” a full stack of student every year, while studios recruitment cycles are not necessary cyclic. The “recruitment” is done during a short among of time, end of summer to end of autumn for instance. Schools also have product to sell, programs, courses, professional courses. They want to reach audience that are mostly not aware about the field. That is just a quick list of what we discovered while the project moved forward.


In parallel, we also started to prototype the map of professionals and the map of events with the same difficulties.


A lot of difficulties to handle but we were boosted by the new entity we attracted: clients!