CG Studio Map, Edith Courtial


2009: How it all started

In December 2009, from his bedroom, Jordi Riera was planning his trip to the Siggraph in Los Angeles. During nights, he built a Google Map, in which was gathered computer graphics studios from all over the globe. The reason behind this project was to simply have a visual tool that would allow him to visit studios around while on his trip.

The project soon became quite popular in the computer graphic industry, online surfers show a real interest in the map, and were asking Jordi to add studios. It was not long when studios themselves were asking for their seat on the map.

2010: Cgstudiomap.com by numbers

In 2010, Jordi Riera decided it was time to give the users a real map so he approaches a web company that made the new design. The team from the web company loved the idea and teamed-up with Jordi, Cgstudiomap.com was then founded.

Cgstudiomap became a more user-friendly, map based, online directory of Computer Graphics studios worldwide. The map brought lot of attention, 16000 visits in 8 months, few articles in the most popular CG websites, users asking to join the team. They worked on the project until late 2013 without making any money out of it.

2013: Jordi leaves CgstudioMap.com

Unfortunately the team and Jordi's visions for the company greatly differed. The project didn’t go the way he expected and users were fading away. He decided to leave the team to start all over again and to follow his vision.

2015: Cgstudiomap comeback

In 2015, given the opportunity to make a fresh start and do something creative, Jordi decided to rebuild cgstudiomap but this time open source and open data. Today David Mazeau, designer and Edith Courtial, customer service representative joined the project and all together they are working hard to provide valuable information to users, build partnerships in the community, and deliver important resources about the CG Industry with cgstudiomap.org.